Find A Better Hiding Place for those Pics of your wife that she took back in the day

A few years ago, my lovely wife and a friend thought it would be a great idea to make a calendar for their respective boyfriends. This was maybe 2003, 2004. Anyway, definitely BK (Before Kids)

Now, as you can probably imagine it was a very interesting calendar. Apparently, they took pictures of each other in rather seductive poses and clothing. Well, not much clothing. But it was tastefully done! Not Penthouse, or even Playboy material. More like Maxim.

Anywho, they thought it would be cute to incorporate whatever the major holiday was for that month into the picture. Pumpkins for October, mistletoe for December, you get the idea. As I said, interesting. To this day I have that calendar in a box buried somewhere, probably in the back of the closet. However, the original pictures themselves are currently in my dresser in my underwear drawer. Well. They WERE.

Because see, now its 2013. AK. (After Kids). And something i like to do is buy the kids (4 and 6)toys and hide them in my SOCK drawer and i bring them out when I feel like they earned it or maybe if its Tuesday (I’m a sucker). But the sock drawer has officially been compromised. My son (4) now checks through my socks looking for toys. My daughter, Presley (6) took it a step further and investigated my UNDERWEAR drawer. Who DOES that??

Anyway, you can see where this is going. She finds a picture, probably from the month of April, and says “Really, mom?” I snatched the pic and told her that drawer is now off limits. And then my sweet Pres asks a question of her mother. She could have asked “mommy, where were your pants?” or perhaps “why are you covering your boobs with your hands?” But no. Full of curiousity she innocently asks:

“Seriously Mom, why are you dressed like a bunny?”


About BakoRamblinDad

I'm a happily married father of 2 beautiful children, ages 4 and 6. My posts are about whatever enters my shockingly simple brain. From parenthood to Tupac, I just never know.
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3 Responses to Find A Better Hiding Place for those Pics of your wife that she took back in the day

  1. Andrea Hernandez says:

    Hilarious !!! Classic! Presley is so Innocent , Love that !

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