Dealing With Walking Dead Withdrawals


Well, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a fan of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. And since you’re a fan, you know that season 3 ended, oooohh, about 10 years ago. You also probably know that season 4 starts in October, which according to my calculations is in approximately 18 THOUSAND more days.

If you’re like me, this whole time you’ve been suffering with withdrawal-type symptoms. I kept a diary of my worse ones, and I will now share them with you as a form of therapy. Together, we can get through this!


Saw a man who looked just like Dale (except for the beard, hat, and a rifle slung worthlessly over his shoulder). Wept.


Took my daughters purple bow and arrow set (from the Disney movie “Brave”) to Riverwalk Park here in Bakersfield. Held it sideways like a crossbow and shot some squirrels. Park ranger tried to shut me down, got a purple suction dart arrow in his eye for his troubles.


Went to a local prosthetic shop, took a leg up to the counter. The man looked me up and down and asked, “Who’s this for?” I replied, “A friend”.


Took family to the hospital to get blood drawn. Get results in a week.


Today I looked at various on-line dating websites and searched for all girls named “Maggie”. Sent them all a threatening message: “If you EVER break Glen’s heart, I will ruin you.” No responses.


Saw an RV. Wept.


Took family to get results from blood test. The doctor walks in and said “Good news, you’re all perfectly healthy.” Not what I wanted to hear, so I offered him 20 bucks to say “You are ALL infected”. He wouldn’t say it for any less than 50. Friggin doctors. I hope my insurance reimburses me.


Some girl scouts came to the door. I yelled “THIS PRISON IS OURS, WE SPILLED BLOOD!” They ran away. Darnit, I was craving thin mints too.


I’m starting to refer to my wife as “Lori” and I swear to you, I see her everywhere I go. Look, there she is! Aw, too slow, you missed her. LOOK! Dang.


Saw an RV. Wept.


Went and paid a visit to my old 9th grade science teacher who I feel strongly resembles Milton. Gave him a hug and whispered “Hey, you tried” into his ear. He must not have recognized me, because he maced me. It stung.


Today I declared to my children that until October their new names will be Carl and Sophia. Carl enjoys his new hat. And glock. Just kiddin about the hat.


Saw an RV, and I didnt weep! Got choked up, but still, getting better!


Saw Carl kill a frog in cold blood with a magnifying glass. Gonna have to watch that boy. I’m starting to think that he feels he can lead this group better then I can! Had to ask for my glock back.


Went to “Open Mic Night” at a United Nations Local 213 meeting last night. Tried out some Merle-inspired material. Didn’t go over too well. Went back to hospital.


Saw Sophia slowly walk out of our barn, almost freaked out. Mostly because we dont have a barn. Or live anywhere near a farm for that matter. Weird.


Saw an RV. Shrugged. I think I’m over it!


Nope, I’m not:

See you in Season 4!


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I'm a happily married father of 2 beautiful children, ages 4 and 6. My posts are about whatever enters my shockingly simple brain. From parenthood to Tupac, I just never know.
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7 Responses to Dealing With Walking Dead Withdrawals

  1. Brian Edsell says:

    Nice. I’ve been reading TWD since the beginning and I enjoy the show. Always happy to find another TWDer and your portrayal of The Governor is spot on! Hope you make it to October. The beginning of Season 4 has to be better than the end of Season 3, right???

    • Man o man. yeah, the last few episodes kinda dragged. Its a shame because season 3 started out with a BANG! the first episode was jammed pack with action! First the group is going house to house. find prison. clear prison. hershel gets bit. gets leg hacked off. find prisoners. Geez! but i’m onboard for season 4. And thanks, i have no acting background. shocking, i know.

  2. Victor A says:

    Big fan and I agree with everyone else. You have to take them as two separate entities and you’ll enjoy them a lot more that way.

  3. essaalroc says:

    This was fantastic! I’m ok with a little break from it though. I’m still not over the bad assedness that was Andrea. And Michonne inspired me to get my own sword in preparation for the zombie apocalypse.

  4. pieterk515 says:

    Totally get you…

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